Voter Guide

2016 November General Election Voter Guide

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Marquette Monthly has compiled for its readers a comprehensive voter guide for the November 8 General Election. Listed in the guide are the names and party affiliation of all candidates running in contested races, from the county level on down, as they will appear on the November 8 General Election ballot.

The races are listed with the county, city, township or village first, then the office and number of seats being sought, followed by the people whose names will appear on the ballot. Democrat is denoted by a (D), Republican is denoted by an (R) and those running without a party affiliation are denoted as (NPA). Those running for a nonpartisan office have no party affiliation listed after their names.

All information listed in this guide was provided by the county clerk office in each respective county.

Marquette Monthly also sent a letter to all candidates listed in this guide, posing the following two questions:

1) What are the top problems facing your district?

2) Why should people vote for you?

A cap of 400 words for both answers combined was imposed on the candidates. Candidates’ answers were not edited in any way, and only serve to reflect their viewpoints and opinions, not those of Marquette Monthly, which neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate.

Visit to see the candidates’ answers in full.