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Land Fred Rydholm worked to acquire and protect gifted to care of Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve LOOKOUT POINT • By Elizabeth Fust Mudjekewis is a word derived from the Anishinaabe-mowin for first born, and its origin ties it to creation tradition. This is the name that the Rydholm’s chose for their land in the Yellow Dog Plains […]

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Perspectives on sulfide mining, by Fred and June Rydholm

“The DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural resources for the current and future generations.” This is a very good motto to operate under. I have a hard time seeing how making a mine under an aquifer is called conservation when Michigan is the state known throughout […]

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Local historian offers thoughts on potential sulfide mine in area, by C. Fred Rydholm

It seems that no matter how much is said, or who says it, no matter how the facts are stated or documented at public hearings, nothing can dissuade the DEQ from their headlong course of granting permission to Kennecott Minerals Co. to proceed with their mining operation on the Yellow Dog Plains, even after listening […]

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