Rethinking fruitcake

by Katherine Larson

The world is divided into two categories: Fruitcake Lovers and Fruitcake Haters. There are more of the latter than the former. I used to be one myself. Then I tasted the fruitcake that is the subject of this article and became a convert. I tested it out on fellow Haters and they, too, were converted. And I tested it out on some Fruitcake Lovers and the verdict came back unanimous: “The best I’ve ever eaten!”

So here you are, with my best wishes: a recipe for what I believe to be the best fruitcake ever.

It comes to us courtesy of Lora Loope of Munising. She has made this treasure annually for about 40 years, having received the recipe from her mother, Delora Moon. Moon, in turn, received the recipe from Virginia Hemming (1920-2013), who lived and worked with her husband on a farm, complete with orchard, in Old Peninsula North, near Traverse City. The orchard influence on this fruitcake is obvious and delightful.

Indeed, it’s what makes this fruitcake so different. The secret lies in the…

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