Sci-fi web series being made in U.P.

By Elizabeth Fust
Standing at the top of one of the U.P.’s mountains, along the secluded bend of a river, or off the path of a forest trail, one can almost feel as if they are alone in the world, as if everyone has just disappeared. Or something like that. Something like that is exactly what the U.P. born and bred Anderson brothers created together in their ongoing science fiction web series Northbound and upcoming motion picture, the Northstar Saga.
What exactly is the Northbound series? “A post apocalyptic series that is a three season prequel to Northstar, all of which is set here in the Upper Peninsula,” co-creator Seth Anderson explained. “It is a future story, about 15 years in the future, a possible America that has been devastated by a very mysterious event.” The story follows a father who is protecting his comatose daughter as they look for safety, fend off hostiles, find a community and learn more about the mysterious circumstances that have befallen America or, for all they know, the world. “It’s a prequel,” Anderson said. “The last season will lead right into the first few moments of Northstar.” In fact, season three will contain many clues throughout for the Northstar film.
Seth and Nathan Anderson grew up in the Iron Mountain area, and the influence of the Upper Peninsula carried over in to their film careers. They both studied film and now work in the industry.
The Andersons’ Northstar Saga started with a film short Seth wrote in college. After moving to Los Angeles, he, his brother Nathan and Northbound producer Jason Hagan took on the story, with the U.P. as the setting, as a potential project…

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