Keweenaw County

Sheriff (1)

William A. Luokkanen (R)  -candidate did not respond

Dale L. Yeo (D) -candidate did not respond

Treasurer (1)

Eric Hermanson (R) -candidate did not respond

Kimberley S. Kaura (D) -candidate did not respond

Mine Inspector (1)

John Cima (NPA) -candidate did not respond

Donna Effinger (NPA) -candidate did not respond

Commission District 2 (1)

Raymond E. Chase (D) -candidate did not respond

Paul Michael Mihelcich (NPA) -candidate did not respond

Jim Vivian (NPA) -candidate did not respond

Allouez Township

Trustee (2)

Mark W. Aho (R) -candidate did not respond

Chris Cronenworth (R) -candidate did not respond

John P. Kaura (NPA) -candidate did not respond

Houghton Township

Trustee (2)

Jack Treganowan (R) -candidate did not respond

Kathy McEvers (D) -candidate did not respond

John F. Mihelcich (NPA)

Question 1: I would  be the youngest member of the board, facing the normal challenges that one would if they were on a committee of people that seen one grow up from childhood. They are going to be hesitant to listen to anything I have to say. And also to my ideas. Side note I am also the youngest member of our Township.
Question 2: I am going to have much to study up on to catch up on all the facts and figures that will be essential information during town hall meetings. This information will shine a light on the discussions and allow me to participate with useful information. I think people should vote for me because,  my family and I are the future of this town my son is going to grow up in our beautiful little town just like I did, so I care very much about what happens here. I wish to better our town. I may not be able to do much in the position I am trying to be elected but I will try. This position is a stepping stone for a better more influential position.