Alger County

AuTrain Township

Trustee (2)

Kristy Cota (D) -candidate did not respond

Thomas Balmes (D) -candidate did not respond

John Carr (NPA) -candidate did not respond

Limestone Township

Trustee (2)

William Brisson (D) -candidate did not respond

Marci Taskey (R) -candidate did not respond

Ingrid E. Hoy (R)

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bessie (Ingrid) Hoy. I have lived In limestone township for 30 years with my husband Brian and two daughters Ashley and Brianna. I am a Nurse and work for UP health Systems  and EMT for Alger County. I volunteer and head up our local ambulance service in Trenary. Top challenges that I will have if I am elected are, learning all the legislations, and what I am required to learn by the board for a trustee position. I’m excited to learn and getting to know more people in my community. I would like people to vote for me because I am committed to my community. I want to improve and inform our community of changes or challenges our board faces. I want to be your voice.

Munising Township

Treasurer (1)

Nicole Graves (R) -candidate did not respond

Cynthia Tonak (D) -candidate did not respond

Onata Township

Clerk (1)

Catherine Kimar

Question 1: Balancing the varied needs and interests of citizens throughout the township.  It is important for all elected officials to keep in mind that they have a primary duty to the community, and to actively listen to and show respect for all of those who contribute.

Also, the position of township clerk is a challenge in itself because of the diverse range of duties and skill sets required.

Question 2: I have practical experience (worked as deputy clerk for two recent township clerks) as well as skills & abilities that pertain to the duties of a clerk.  Additionally, I have several years of experience with election administration & procedures.  With the presence of technology increasing in our lives, it helps that I am familiar with many computer programs & systems and capable of developing and maintaining websites.  I am a qualified & motivated person who would look forward to serving the community while keeping their interests a priority.