Whispers from Marquette County’s past


Courtesy of the Marquette Regional History Museum

Courtesy of the Marquette Regional History Museum

by Michael Murray

The history of Marquette County is populated by countless fascinating and remarkable people who have shaped our community. And since its founding in 1987, Marquette Monthly has told dozens of their stories in its regular Locals column.

In this space, the magazine has featured entrepreneurs, educators, artists, volunteers, public servants—and the centerpiece of these profiles has almost always been the face-to-face interview. The formula ideally works like this: Intriguing subject plus curious writer equals compelling story.

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of conducting a couple of these interviews, and the experience has led me to a question: Among everyone who has ever lived in Marquette County, who would be the most fascinating interview subjects? Not surprisingly, many of the names on my list come from Marquette’s early years, with city founders Amos Harlow, Robert Graveraet and Peter White among them….

To read the full story please pick up a copy of this month’s Marquette Monthly at one of our distribution outlets.

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