The supernatural takes the stage in October

All of the films this month have science fiction plots; three of the four are sequels, and the fourth depends for its plot devices on earlier science fiction films.

Alien: Covenant

The latest film in the “Alien” franchise most closely resembles the first two films in the series. It brings back Ridley Scott as the director, after he did the initial film and the previous entry, Prometheus. It has generous helpings of the Alien creature and the bloody damage it can do to humans, from inside the body and even in the shower. It contains the expected iconic touchstones—an unidentified distress call, a landing on a dark and unknown planet, the alien attack, a monster bursting from inside a human (twice), a last-minute escape from the planet, and a second ending that anticipates the next film. The spaceship and the caves of the destroyed city are great settings, deliberately and effectively echoing the first films…

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