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Inside the Noque

by Pamela Christensen John Mommaerts is a man obsessed with snow. When you are race director for one of the premier cross country ski races in the country, a snow obsession is only one of the things you have to worry about. Mommaerts’ obsession, talents and luck have paid off since 1997, when he and […]

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Snow shelter builder Ralph Christensen works to create a door for his snow shelter, which also has a tarp roof and Styrofoam insulation flooring to keep it warm. (Photo Courtesy: Pam Christensen)

Snow shelter offers basic way to experience winter camping

By Pam Christensen For most women, Valentine’s Day means flowers, candy and a romantic dinner out. My Valentine’s Day this year was spent in our backyard snow shelter. On a recent trip to Lansing for a Library of Michigan Board of Trustees meeting, Ralph, my husband, and I were discussing our “bucket lists.” Ralph had […]

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Winter ‘Ski-dogging’ offers special outdoor experience

I snug up the padded belt around my waist and check the quick release to make sure it works. I may need it. Getting pulled on skis by a powerful animal can give new meaning to the expressions “out of control” and “living on the edge.” I grab a dog harness and my skis and […]

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