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Navigating the holiday season without alcohol

 by Sarah Derwin “Raise your glasses for the toast!” We have all heard these words many times at weddings, gatherings and over the holidays. For many adults, raising “the glass” means that we hold up some type of alcoholic beverage to extend our blessings, wishes or general good cheer. While a toast itself isn’t necessarily […]

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Local alliance focuses on suicide prevention

by Sarah Derwin In the wake of the tragic death of beloved actor Robin Williams, the conversation about suicide has lit up social media, news shows and perhaps even was talked about at your work, place of worship or within your circles of family and friends. Anytime a life is lost, it is tragic. Suicide […]

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Host responsibly

By: Sarah Derwin One of the most popular holiday drinks, eggnog, has a long history both in America and its origins in Europe. It is believed that the first eggnog was made of sherry and milk and served in wooden mugs commonly called “noggins.” In colonial America, the sherry was replaced with rum, which was not […]

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