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Summer clubs keep kids reading

By Pam Christensen, Superiorland Library Cooperative The “summer slide” is not a new amusement park ride, but something teachers know all too well—the loss of reading skills that occurs during summer vacation. This loss of achievement is especially difficult for struggling learners, who work so hard to gain reading achievements during the school year. To […]

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Carnegie libraries key in U.P. communities

By Pam Christensen, executive director, Superiorland Library Cooperative Many of the 1,679 U.S. public libraries founded by Andrew Carnegie proudly display a stately portrait of their benefactor. The distinguished white-bearded man shown in the photograph is often identified as Santa Claus by today’s children. That perception is not too far from the truth. Andrew Carnegie […]

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Libraries remain relevant in Information Age

By Pam Christensen, executive director, Superiorland Library Cooperative One of today’s misconceptions about public libraries is that they are obsolete due to the Internet. Many people do not realize that technology and the Internet have made public libraries even stronger and more versatile. Once library users have a library card, they don’t even need to […]

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HarborFest sails to Marquette

by Pam Christensen What do a schooner built for Gen. George Patton, a replica Spanish galleon, a reproduction 1812 era topsail schooner privateer and Hot Rocks, a Rolling Stones tribute band, all have in common? They’ll all be part of Marquette West Rotary Club’s HarborFest 2016, of course. HarborFest will be held in Mattson Lower Harbor […]

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Holiday gift giving

by Pam Christensen Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Often, deciding on the right gift is the hardest part of the holiday season. I like to give gifts that have a local flavor. Many of the gifts I give are related to an interest or hobby of the recipient or are handcrafted. […]

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B.R.I.T.E.ning the future Stores lead the way to support the community

by Pam Christensen Marquette County has been particularly hard hit by “Dark Store” appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT). The Tax Tribunal is an administrative tax court established as the State of Michigan’s tax court. Since 2008, the Michigan Tax Tribunal has been granting property tax appeals to big businesses that may reduce the […]

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Program evolves, volunteer remains loyal

by Pam Christensen Thirty-five years ago, Miriam Hilton was one of the people who set the stage for what would become today’s Marquette Adult Day Services. She would serve as a volunteer, board member and volunteer center director. Today, she still supports the organization and leads the group in tai chi twice a month. Marquette […]

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Woody Dutch ovens revived

by Pam Christensen Woody Woodruff is an outdoor legend. Woodruff died in 1990, but left behind his cookbook, Cooking the Dutch Oven Way, and many outdoor memories. Woodruff’s father and a friend took him on his first overnight campout in 1920. The two men brought a bedspring and mattress they loaded in their Model-T truck. This […]

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Chef’s table experience offered at NMU student restaurant

by Pam Christensen One of the latest trends in dining is the inclusion of a chef’s table. Restaurants around the country are placing a table in or near the kitchen, so people seated there can interact with the chef and back of the house staff. The chef’s table seats a select few and, in some restaurants, […]

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Lakestate Industries: working hard to help

by Pam Christensen One of Kevin’s first thoughts every morning is whether today is a work day. Kevin eagerly looks forward to work and anticipates what the day will hold on a day he reports to work. How many people can say the opportunity to hold a job is one of the things they most […]

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Bike tour vacation offers unique way to see U.P.

by Pam Christensen When Jim Plaunt’s career as an elevator salesman was derailed due to company restructuring five years ago, little did he know a new career would be born. After one trial year and three full years of operating Bike Tour Vacations, this resident of downstate South Lyons can admit that change in his life […]

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Snow shelter builder Ralph Christensen works to create a door for his snow shelter, which also has a tarp roof and Styrofoam insulation flooring to keep it warm. (Photo Courtesy: Pam Christensen)

Snow shelter offers basic way to experience winter camping

By Pam Christensen For most women, Valentine’s Day means flowers, candy and a romantic dinner out. My Valentine’s Day this year was spent in our backyard snow shelter. On a recent trip to Lansing for a Library of Michigan Board of Trustees meeting, Ralph, my husband, and I were discussing our “bucket lists.” Ralph had […]

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Roberts supports quest for knowledge

By: Pam Christensen An idyllic childhood in Marquette is something that Allyn Roberts hopes to recreate for Marquette area youth through his generous support of Peter White Public Library Summer Reading Club for children and teens. For two years, Roberts has made a substantial gift to the library so storytelling, music and drama can be integrated […]

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John D. Voelker (NMU Archives)

One man’s life, another man’s quest: Collecting John D. Voelker

by Pam Christensen Steve Peters has worked for the past ten years on the project of a lifetime. He has spent several hours per week organizing the John D. Voelker Collection at the Central Upper Peninsula and NMU Archives, located on the Northern Michigan University campus. “Judge Voelker was a pack rat,” Peters said. Normally […]

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Big things in little Ishpeming

by Pam Christensen Stacey Willey is throwing open the doors to Ishpeming’s Roosevelt Supper Club on July 1. The Supper Club, located at 200 West Division Street in Ishpeming, has been closed for many years. Willey is inviting anyone connected with John D. Voelker or the filming of Anatomy of Murder in 1959 to join […]

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