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… in the limelight BACK THEN • Story by Larry Chabot • Illustrations by Mike McKinney Escanaba! A resilient Yooper city on Lake Michigan that survived the Great Depression, Prohibition, two world wars, health scares, docks on fire, and other threats. Various sources mention that Native Americans first occupied the area 5,000 years ago, the […]

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When President Bush met the Mighty Mac By Larry Chabot  •  Illustration by Mike McKinney The death last November of George H.W. Bush stirred memories among those who remember one of his visits to the Upper Peninsula. His four trips here tied him for first among the presidential visitors and qualified him as an Honorary […]

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Story by Larry Chabot  •  Illustrations by Mike McKinney One hundred years ago this month, The Great War—the “war to end all wars”—ground to a halt on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 as Germany and the Allies signed an armistice. The headlines blared the news: “People go […]

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Have you seen my bus?

by Larry Chabot A Greyhound bus sat idling in front of the old Clifton Hotel, at the corner of Front and Bluff in Marquette, its driver having ducked into the hotel on this snowy December night in 1955. Along came a curious citizen, with a bent for mischief, thinking: “This is too good to pass […]

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1932 contest participants could vote for their favorite Ladies of good standing

by Larry Chabot As years go, 1932 was a rough one. The Great Depression, in full force, put one-fourth of American workers on the unemployment lines. Compared to now, prices were low. First class stamps had just jumped to three cents (where they stayed for twenty-six years). A single dollar in your purse could feed […]

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Authors say connections between readers and their books are often hard to predict, but enriching for both. (Courtesy Mike McKinney)

Local authors talk about life after writing a book

by Larry Chabot Well, your book is finally in print. You’re holding the first copy in your hands, hardly believing you actually wrote it, and your own name is on the cover. You set forth on your selling venture with cases of books, settle down for a two- or three-day marathon at a craft show, spread […]

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