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Kardemimmit blends old with new in Finnish music

By Michael Murray Finnish immigrants first came to Marquette County just after the Civil War to work in the region’s iron mines. The ore was abundant, and the miners settled in the area whose lakes and trees reminded them of home. A-century-and-a-half later, the saunas, sisu bumper stickers, and abundance of Finnish surnames show  this […]

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’Cats look to revisit golden Championship Era – Remembering greatness

by Michael Murray One cliché of the sports world is a victorious team declaring to anyone within earshot, “No one believed in us except us.” If the Northern Michigan University football Wildcats can produce a winning season in 2015, they will be able to shout that line without exaggeration. The Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference […]

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Courtesy of the Marquette Regional History Museum

Whispers from Marquette County’s past

  by Michael Murray The history of Marquette County is populated by countless fascinating and remarkable people who have shaped our community. And since its founding in 1987, Marquette Monthly has told dozens of their stories in its regular Locals column. In this space, the magazine has featured entrepreneurs, educators, artists, volunteers, public servants—and the […]

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How to be a tourist at home

by Michael Murray Forget the long road trips, the airport security lines and the peak-season hotel rates. With the U.S. economy in turmoil, this is the year to have a relaxing, memorable vacation for a fraction of what you spent last summer by being a tourist at home. This is your opportunity to dine in unfamiliar […]

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History on the Move

by Michael Murray “History is merely a list of surprises…It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.” — Kurt Vonnegut, Slapstick There was no phone call, no letter, not even an e-mail. The best news of 2008, the biggest surprise of the year, was delivered by yet another symbol that history is indeed […]

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