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A story of rescuing and being rescued     By Megan Emily How does a girl from a tiny town in the U.P. wind up jumping out of a helicopter onto a 13,000-foot mountain to find a plane crash victim’s body with the help of her search and rescue dog? It sounds impossible, but that’s […]

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  By Katherine Larson and Megan Emily Most people remember nightmares where they feel frozen. Some horror approaches, and they can’t run, can’t flee, can’t even scream. Waking up is a huge relief. For those who are victims of a crime, those nightmares can come to life—but there’s no waking up. The human brain is […]

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Human activity a serious threat to this natural national treasure Story and photo by Megan Emily A good horse is like true love: if you find it once, you’re lucky. Twice, and you’re blessed. My first good horse was a mustang named Wild Diamond (W.D. for short). Mustangs are one of North America’s only types […]

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