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Students share Fair Trade experiences

by Greg Peterson In today’s tough economic times, two Northern Michigan University students have found convincing people to spend a little bit more on Fair Trade coffee is not always an easy sell. Lisa McCarthy and Sarah Swanson arrived in Nicaragua in early January during the peak of the coffee-growing season to get a quick lesson […]

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Examining salmonella: history and prevention

by George Sedlacek Recent media attention to the salmonella-poisoned peanut products that resulted in more than 600 illnesses in forty-three states (including Michigan) and several deaths has most of us questioning the safety of our peanut butter, specifically, and food in general. It’s scary when you think this many people got sick from products distributed […]

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Multitasking directors see film success

by Leonard Heldreth Acting, writing and directing all require major efforts in the creation of a successful motion picture. Three of the films this month have one person carrying out all three tasks, and in the other, one man is both writer and director. Appaloosa Ed Harris, together with Robert Knott, wrote the screenplay for […]

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School fundraisers: a necessary evil?

by 8-18 Media It takes all your willpower not to roll your eyes as your child, grandchild, niece or nephew presents a school fundraiser form to you. You can’t refuse, especially after they tell you how they need to sell 1,000 items to win a boom box. So, grudgingly, you buy the cheapest item in […]

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Star Date: March 2009

by Craig Linde Moon & Planets—Venus is still the brightest object in the evening sky as March opens. It is heading for the sun, however, so it is setting earlier each night. By month’s end, it is no longer an evening object, but becomes a morning one as it passes between the earth and the sun. […]

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