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Dealing with grief… and Les is More

by Leslie Bek In preparation for each issue of Marquette Monthly, Pat Ryan O’Day would email or call me and ask, “What do you have in mind for next month’s issue?” This exercise was repeated many times with other contributing writers. But, like one of many children, I like to think about one-on-one times. Often my […]

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A new year, and a new view of YMCA of Marquette County

 by Leslie Bek The start of the new year in our country is synonymous with New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t think I need a post-doctoral degree to make that statement. However, it is appropriate to look to the field of academia for research-based evidence on the topic if I plan to say any more. According […]

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Women’s Center creates emergency health fund

by Leslie Bek Filling gaps in service needs is an ongoing challenge for most nonprofit organizations. Each of these needs requires prioritization and a search for resources to implement solutions. The Marquette Women’s Center works to empower individuals and families experiencing domestic and/or sexual violence by providing 24/7 access to emergency intervention services, crisis intervention, individual […]

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Role of nurses advances in health care field

by Leslie Bek Change is inevitable and constant. Change is the norm in health care, and in the field of nursing this change has been one of progressive advancement. Sometimes the evidence is glaring. Other times you have to seek it. The patient sees a nurse . . . Two names come to mind almost […]

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How to get access to local health care

by Leslie Bek I am attempting to do something almost as monumental as designing a national access to health care system for all Americans. I am going to write about it. My intent was very simple in scope at its origin. I wondered, “How has the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act impacted the services […]

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Seeing the blessing

by: Leslie Bek What is distinguishable about November? In our geographic region, it is transitional weather—a move from cool to cold. The once gloriously colored leaves lay hopelessly on the ground. Cold rains keep us from our outdoor chores. Just wait, I’m told, there will be another warm day or two. A blessing of hope […]

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Locals ‘Live United’ to help county

By: Leslie Bek The health and well-being of a community begins with each individual—all sizes and all shapes. Many individuals within a community have basic needs that are not being met. Many individuals reach out or over to lend a hand. These individuals become connected, interdependent and united. An individual reaching out can influence the condition […]

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Puzzle pieces abound in sports

by Leslie Bek I was twelve years old and playing in a summer girls softball league. I stood at the plate, dug in my feet, tapped the outer edge with my bat, took my practice swing and readied myself for the first pitch. During this preparation ritual, I heard my third base coach call to me […]

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Pause and reflect

by Leslie Bek Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Upper Peninsula in the winter. Where else on Thanksgiving Day can I leave my home and fifteen minutes later arrive at a ski hill or trail and then plan to do the same thing again for an Easter egg hunt? If you are someone who has […]

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Summer ’67 was busy for clean water

by George Sedlacek “A special meeting of the Marquette City Commission will be held at 7:00 p.m. this evening in the city hall for the purpose of discussing the sale of water to Marquette Township.” Sound familiar? No, you didn’t just see this headline this week; this was the topic of discussion back in March 1967. […]

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‘Senior Moments’ take on new meaning

by Leslie Bek If a measure of personal health and well-being is feeling good emotionally, senior moments are contributors. I’m not talking about the times you can’t find your keys or can’t remember someone’s name; I’m talking about the times you come in contact with a senior person and you can see and feel the moment […]

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Laughter truly the best medicine?

by Leslie Bek Q. Why do ducks have webbed feet? A. So they can stamp out fires. Q. Why do elephants have round feet? A. So they can stamp out burning ducks! If you just reacted with a laugh, a chuckle, a smirk or smile, you could be on a path to better health. Mirthful laughter […]

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A closer look at the common Cold causes, symptoms, treatment and avoiding ‘mommy guilt’

by Leslie Bek On a recent Sunday afternoon, my young son campaigned for our first outdoor ice skating adventure of the season. The previous day’s below-freezing temperatures and snow had given way to a balmy 36 degrees and a silt-like precipitation was falling—not the best for ice skating. I was convinced, however, by the sight of […]

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Finding balance this winter, by Leslie Bek

Finding balance this winter It’s that time; the winter season, U.P. style. A time some have waited for with great expectation and excitement; a time others dread, when they hang their collective heads like Winnie the Pooh’s pal Eeyore. Some folks just say the heck with it and head south, staying until they feel it’s […]

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School nurses: More than a Band-Aid

by: Leslie Bek It’s been called the worst nursing job you could ever love. Imagine having to care for hundreds or thousands of school children. Imagine going to work knowing that today may be nothing like yesterday and tomorrow needs sixteen hours and you have four. Imagine caring for this job so much you’ve stayed […]

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