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Fond memories of summer by the big lake By Linda Johnson Dad drove the Chevy wagon right up onto the sandy bank where we first stepped out—dad, mother, we four kids, the dog. There lay Lake Superior, spread out like a dream. “Heavenly!” mother said in her native German. Across the decades, I can still […]

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Saving Buffalo Reef

Shifting stamp sands are threatening a popular spawning area for Lake Superior lake trout and whitefish. Here’s how a group of people are working to mitigate the damage. By Pam Christensen Cutlines: 1. This aerial photo shows the stamp sands deposited along the coast north of Grand Traverse Harbor and the natural beaches that lie […]

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Female surfers brave wintry water

by Carrie Usher “Another day at the beach” is a phrase that takes different meaning among those you talk to. While some women yearn for ninety-degrees and sunny, others decide it is a good day to head to the lake when the winds are ripping up waves and the thought of sunscreen does not enter […]

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