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Comforting dream about wolf preceded surreal live encounter Story and photo by Jude Holloway I have been walking this road and its surrounding woods and fields for some 42 years now. It’s been my home stomping grounds. I’ve walked it in many moods, both its and mine. The area has always been a spiritual sanctuary […]

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Lunar eclipse provides a heavenly experience

I don’t remember what I was dreaming about. I think it was something pleasant. All of a sudden, the alarm went off with a panic-inducing siren. You would have thought the house was on fire. I sat up quickly, with adrenaline pumping through every cell in my body. In a few seconds, I realized it […]

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Moonlight on the bog

by Jude Holloway I strapped my headlamp on my head, but never did need it. As I started snowshoeing toward the bog, my eyes adjusted quickly to the evening’s light. It never seems to get very dark in the winter. The bright whiteness of the snow holds its light, even through the night hours. I sure […]

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In the company of swans, by Jude Holloway

There is something powerful that happens in one’s soul while in the company of swans, especially in winter, when the landscape so imitates the swans themselves—the purest of whites with shades of soft rust smudging the gentle curves of the snow-covered landscape with its drifts, forming peaks like the edges of feathers. I’ve been in […]

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A winter’s paddle, by Jude Holloway

In The Outdoors There’s probably a scientific explanation why rivers and lakes appear so much darker and consequently reflect and mirror things so much more in the winter—probably something as simple as just not having much light filtering in, like looking at a window at night from inside with a light on. Perfect reflections. Such […]

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