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The other Upper Peninsula

  Story by Jon Magnuson Illustrations by Diana Magnuson Photos courtesy of Marquette Regional History Center This past summer, close to a hundred of us—local residents, tourists, and history buffs—crowded into Big Bay’s historic Thunder Bay Inn for an entertaining evening, viewing projected old photos of camps grand lodges, and cabins in the Upper Peninsula. […]

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Gift of Water

by Jon Magnuson Praised be my Lord, for our sister water.” — St. Francis of Assisi, “Canticle of the Sun” Not along ago, I sat one morning in a kitchen over a cup of coffee with the father of my son-in-law, on the edge of the sleepy town of Pueblo, Colorado. We were talking about […]

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The Guardians

by Jon Magnuson It’s late Saturday morning. I’m making my way along with six others, breaking trail through two feet of snow. We’re weaving our way down a ridge running through a hemlock forest on the north end of the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin. The sun is glistening, the air brisk, clean. It’s closing […]

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The Burden of Narnia: Peeking through a winter’s window

By: Jon Magnuson  As darkness falls ever earlier these afternoons, those of us in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula huddle down to prepare for another winter. Along with splitting wood for our stoves and finishing up the last of canning from another fall harvest, the time of storytelling, dreams, feasts and lights has arrived. A world of […]

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The Awakening, by Jon Magnuson

Canal Street is one of the jewels of Duluth’s commercial district. Located on the water’s edge of Lake Superior’s largest port city, perched on foundations of old industrial docks, it’s a glistening neighborhood of upscale art galleries, restaurants, gift shops and bookstores. On this brisk October morning, 500 technicians, government officials, environmentalists and researchers are […]

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