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Examining the No. 1 cancer in the nation

By: George Sedlacek On October 17, the Marquette Rangers hockey team and Marquette General Hospital teamed up for a fantastic evening of fundraising for breast cancer treatment programs. The public recognizes the significance of pink ribbons signifying the fight against breast cancer. There is another cancer out there that is even more prevalent in our […]

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Summer ’67 was busy for clean water

by George Sedlacek “A special meeting of the Marquette City Commission will be held at 7:00 p.m. this evening in the city hall for the purpose of discussing the sale of water to Marquette Township.” Sound familiar? No, you didn’t just see this headline this week; this was the topic of discussion back in March 1967. […]

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Flu outbreaks dot Upper Peninsula past, present

by George Sedlacek The National Center for Disease Control has reported an outbreak of influenza in humans similar to a virus found in swine—recalling the flu of a half-century ago that killed 500,000 Americans. Sound familiar? This was reported in the Marquette Mining Journal on February 20, 1976. A lot of information has been written […]

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Michigan and alcohol have sordid past

by George Sedlacek The Michigan Traffic Fatalities statistics for 2008 were released recently. There was some good news and some bad. The good news was that statewide, the number of fatalities was reduced to levels not seen since 1925. The news in the Upper Peninsula wasn’t as good. According to Michigan State Police, there were […]

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Community plays key role in public health

by George Sedlacek The first week in April has been designated “Public Health Week.” In April 2008, I reported on the history of public health in Marquette County (see at www.mmnow.com) The story talked about how each city had its own health department back in the day. It highlighted some of the individuals who served […]

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Examining salmonella: history and prevention

by George Sedlacek Recent media attention to the salmonella-poisoned peanut products that resulted in more than 600 illnesses in forty-three states (including Michigan) and several deaths has most of us questioning the safety of our peanut butter, specifically, and food in general. It’s scary when you think this many people got sick from products distributed […]

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Preventing epidemics: the things of movies

by George Sedlacek What’s the worse thing you can think of from a health viewpoint? It’s been interesting reading the Marquette Mining Journal’s “90 Years Ago” news clips about the 1918-19 influenza epidemics and the trouble it caused the community. Still, while that bug killed more people than any other virus since recorded time (forty million […]

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Life expectancy drops for today’s youth

by George Sedlacek A recent health report had terrible news for our young people. For the first time in more than a century, our children may have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Most of the decline is due to reduced physical activity and an ever-increasing obesity rate. Current estimates show that one-third of […]

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A year of public health goals and outcomes, by George Sedlacek

A year of public health goals and outcomes As we close out yet another year, people tend to take stock (sorry I used that word) of their goals and how close they came to accomplishing them. In the public health world, we do a similar assessment. Part of the responsibility of a health department is […]

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Educator makes big impact on local health

by George Sedlacek November brings two health observances the Marquette County Health Department notes, both with pride and a bittersweet goodbye. We are celebrating National Health Educator Month and the thirty-first anniversary of the Great American Smokeout. Many organizations employ health educators. Their duties range from providing specific educational assistance to children to prevent disease […]

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Health Matters, by George Sedlacek

Flu preparation key for residents, health department In September, the Marquette County Health Department conducted a mass anti-viral dispensing training exercise at the Superior Dome before an NMU Football game. More than 300 people who came to the game took a few minutes to go through the line to provide “practice” for our staff and […]

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Parenting education benefits residents, by George Sedlacek

Over the years, the Marquette County Health Department has been recognized for many innovative prevention programs by state and national health groups. One program that doesn’t garner headlines, but is critical for the health of our most vulnerable population—our children, is the Family Health Education program. This program, which had its beginnings in the late […]

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Bugs, bats and bacteria, by George Sedlacek

Everyone knows that the Upper Peninsula is one of the best places in the nation to enjoy camping, swimming and fresh homegrown food in the summer. There are a few health reminders to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. Every July, the Marquette County Health Department kicks-off a […]

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Health department kicks off Safe Families Month, by George Sedlacek

As you kick off your summer activities this month, adding a home safety inventory of quick, easy and inexpensive tests could help you prevent silent killers like radon and lead from harming you and your family members. Bike safety and car seat checks also are lifesavers. “Conducting some simple tests at home and taking simple […]

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Tips offered for summer food safety, by George Sedlacek

With summertime quickly approaching and backyard barbeques and family picnics on the horizon, the Marquette County Health Department reminds the public about proper food handling and that food safety is not an option, but an obligation. Consumers need to know simple steps they can take to prevent foodborne illness. “As the temperature rises, so does […]

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