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Blazing trails

by Eric Hammerstrom Marquette native finds new home running mountain marathons in Alaska Matias Saari didn’t really decide to write a book about the Equinox Marathon. It would be more accurate to say the Equinox Marathon made all the decisions. Because, since 1998 when Saari first ran Alaska’s most famous mountain marathon, the race has seemed […]

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September insomnia

by Eric Hammerstrom It is 4:30 a.m.  I woke up 20 minutes ago, in a start, seeing the face of a friend. Today, I will remember… I was making photocopies in the office when the athletic director, in a sort of daze, walked into the room and quietly said, “You’re not gonna believe this.  On […]

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Online and in demand

by Eric Hammerstrom It’s a small world—just ask Spencer Stang, Sarah Carpenter, Sam Graci or Dennis Mingay of Marquette. On the day of this interview, Stang corresponded by Internet and telephone with his client, Marathon Corporation in Ohio, and by e-mail with a client in the finance industry in Alaska and a computer programmer he […]

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21st Century city in the making

by Eric Hammerstrom Reinventing Marquette’s lower harbor and adjacent downtown has been a priority to residents of Marquette and their city government for years. Now, Ellwood Mattson Lower Harbor Park, conversion of Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad properties to condominiums, construction of Marquette Commons and miles of bike paths in Marquette’s downtown and waterfront district […]

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Superior Surfing

by Eric Hammerstrom On February 18, with school cancelled, highways closed and power outages slamming the Marquette area, one area resident donned a wet suit, grabbed a surfboard and challenged the storm. After being battered against the break wall of Marquette’s Upper Harbor and swept over the concrete wall and the three feet of ice build-up […]

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Twenty years later, Babycakes family comes full circle

by Eric Hammerstrom If your mouth waters when you simply hear the word “Babycakes,” you are not alone. Just over twenty years ago, Kim Danielson began baking muffins for her baby boy, Kris, as a treat. She made them bite-sized, with apples and carrots and whole wheat. Depending on the season, she added blueberries or […]

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Pewabic Pottery resurrected in Cathedral renovation

By: Eric Hammerstrom As Kathy Peters walked up the altar steps at St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette, she spoke in a hushed tone out of reverence for her surroundings. “Imagine the time it took to build this place,” Peters said. “The craftsmanship here is amazing. It’s all hand-made.” Peters then pointed to the bright blue tiles […]

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Locals, by Eric Hammerstrom

Local craftsmen transform wood into art Turn, turn, turn For more than a century, men have gathered underground in downtown Ishpeming to bring treasures of the earth to its surface. In days gone by, iron ore was their treasure; today, their treasure is wood. “Wood is so beautiful, and discovering what is inside the wood […]

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Water Vision, by Eric Hammerstrom

Paddlers ideals become reality Paddlers ideals become reality By the shores of Gitche Gumee, By the shining Big-Sea-Water, Stood the wigwam of Nokomis, Daughter of the Moon, Nokomis. Dark behind it rose the forest, Rose the black and gloomy pine-trees, Rose the firs with cones upon them; Bright before it beat the water, Beat the […]

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18th annual Marquette Monthly Short Story contest winner

by Eric Hammerstrom The Leper Boy by Eric Hammerstrom Makangé first noticed Leper Boy on the opening day of school, but he saw no evidence of leprosy. The boy sat alone, on the farthest edge of the courtyard, where there was no shade. Shade was reserved for others, it seemed, and the others had no […]

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U.P. runners train for Boston

Officially, Patriot’s Day is only celebrated in Massachusetts and Maine; most other U.S. citizens have never heard of it. But some residents of the Upper Peninsula have dedicated months, even years, of their lives to hopes and dreams of making a pilgrimage to Boston on the third Monday of April to run the Boston Marathon. […]

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