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Dog tags and Veterans Day

by Eric C. Hammerstrom We scrambled in the wee hours of August 20, 1968, when the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia and the world was on the brink of war. At Patch Barracks, in Stuttgart, Germany, soldiers went on alert, kissed their wives and children goodbye, and headed for airport tarmacs where they waited to be deployed […]

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Fallen Angels

by Eric C. Hammerstrom “I knelt beside my bleeding father and cradled his head in my hands. His eyes went blank. They stared into the sky above us as though lost in prayer. When I looked into them, teardrops fell from my eyes onto his cheeks. I was crying. Men do not cry, my father […]

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Marquette teen excels on cycling circuit

by Eric C. Hammerstrom Marquette is known for great biking trails, but if the results of major bike races across the country are any indication, someday it also might be known for a great biker. Sixteen-year-old Logan Zueger of Marquette spent his summer criss-crossing North America in search of the toughest competition available in his […]

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Anchorage teacher Mary Beth Hammerstrom is originally from Marquette and recently took second place in the Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament. (Courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

Marquette native finds Jeopardy! fame

by Eric C. Hammerstrom “Yes, I am Mary Beth’s brother,” I say. “Yes, I am Mary Beth’s mother,” says my mother. “Home of the genius––genius’s father speaking,” my father answers the telephone. My sister is a celebrity of sorts, after stretching her fifteen minutes of fame into two weeks of competition on the 2013 Jeopardy! Teachers […]

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Doctor with a heart: Tom LeGalley

by Eric C. Hammerstrom When Dr. Tom. LeGalley heard Marquette Monthly would be running a story about his contributions to Marquette’s medical community and to charitable organizations, he wanted to make one thing perfectly clear—he isn’t finished. “I’m not done yet, so this is not an obituary,” LeGalley said when told this article would highlight […]

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Dana Skytta, Upper Michigan’s Strongman

by Eric C. Hammerstrom As motorists reach the city limits of most small Upper Peninsula towns, they are greeted by signs announcing victories of days gone by. Some of those signs proclaim the town’s championship volunteer fire department, the Class-D state basketball championship from three decades ago, or a Mite-B Hockey dynasty. As you enter Michigamme, […]

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Professor of Arctic adventure tells tales, by Eric C. Hammerstrom

Most Americans, perhaps even most Michiganders, think of the Upper Peninsula as the end of the world—remote and frigid wilderness far removed from “civilization” like that found in Chicago or Detroit. Brian Gnauk knows better. “This is not wilderness,” laughed Gnauk as he sipped coffee and lounged in the living room of his cabin on […]

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Putting the past back in pasties, by Eric C. Hammerstrom

Sometimes the future lies in the past, in the way things used to be. That’s exactly how things are for Brian Harsch these days, and that makes him proud for a great many reasons. After seven years of retirement, Brian is once again owner of Jean Kay’s Pasties and Simply Sweets & Salads on Presque […]

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