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The author’s sap evaporator, made in self-reliant fashion from an old scrap pile. (Photo Credit: Don Kilpela)

The Sugar Moon

by Don Kilpela Orange flames lick the black sides of a large pot and a white cloud rises into the cold night. I lean over the pot and inhale warm steam. It smells sweet, blending with smoke in a wild, primitive fragrance. The cloud intermittently clears, revealing  amber liquid that roils and froths like a […]

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Some of the author’s Icelandic sheep, Sonja, Helga and Ragnar, on a stormy day which didn’t seem to bother them very much. (Photo Credit: Don Kilpela)

Watching sheep on a snowy evening

by Don Kilpela It has been snowing all day and a deep drift fills the end of my driveway. I shift my truck into low range and drop the plow, then step on the gas. The plow punches through the drift and throws a white wake to one side as I speed down the long […]

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Overcoming Lyme Disease, Fear and a Three-Mile Run

by Don Kilpela “Thank you all for coming out this morning,” says a young man with a bullhorn. “When you reach Painesdale, those of you that want to get a true 5K time will have to run up a long street.  There will be people there to direct you.  Those of you who don’t want […]

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Winter ‘Ski-dogging’ offers special outdoor experience

I snug up the padded belt around my waist and check the quick release to make sure it works. I may need it. Getting pulled on skis by a powerful animal can give new meaning to the expressions “out of control” and “living on the edge.” I grab a dog harness and my skis and […]

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