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U.P. authors and their characters indulge in hoaxes, with mixed results

by Tyler Tichelaar Reminiscences of a Hoaxer by Bill Van Kosky If anyone ever knew how to play a practical joke, it is Bill Van Kosky, and in Reminiscences of a Hoaxer, he comes clean about all the jokes he has been pulling throughout his life. Practical jokes are in his blood, as evidenced by […]

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Diptheria causes much local speculation on cures, treatments and causes Epidemic!

by Bill Van Kosky Readers of the local newspaper found shocking news on the front page of the December 20, 1884 issue: “A number of fatal cases of diphtheria are reported from Ishpeming, and schools there are closed by order of health officer Henry E. Harwood.” A traveling salesman said he had taken an order […]

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Michigamme’s steamer comes home, by Bill Van Kosky

In May 2007, Michigamme’s 1900 horse-drawn steam fire engine came home. When the old steamer was sold in the early 1960s, it was regarded as an obsolete relic and was begrudged the space it occupied in a back corner of the village fire hall. Over the years, this perception changed. When the steamer was eased […]

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