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An irreverent look at kids and smartphones

by 8-18 Media Smart kids, dumb phones Have you ever wondered what the definition of a smartphone is? You could believe it’s a small electronic device attached to a teenager. In some cases, that might not be far from the truth. Many people say kids are addicted to their smartphones. The fear is these kids […]

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Hunter Katie Wilcox, of Marquette, won the Big Bay Sportsmen’s Club Big Buck Contest with her eight-pointer this year. (Courtesy of Katie Wilcox)

Reflections on being a deer hunter

by 8-18 Media “As my dad would say, I think it is hogwash. Girls can do pretty much anything guys can do––that’s what he’s always told me since I was a young girl. We can put just as much time in baiting a blind, we can put in just as much time sitting in a […]

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