SUPERIOR READS: exploring auto, folksong histories

Reviews by Tyler Tichelaar


A History You AUTO Know of

Western Marquette County (1899-1968)

By Robert D. Dobson


Robert Dobson is known for writing books based on researching old local newspapers, namely the Ishpeming Iron Ore and the Negaunee Iron Herald. Now his research has turned to a focus on automobiles in Western Marquette County. Dobson’s twelfth book is only 88 pages long, but it’s a dream come true for lovers of car history. Dobson has detailed all the mentions of automobiles in the newspapers from 1899 to 1968, including historical images of automobiles taken from newspaper ads…


Folksongs of Another America: Field Recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937-1946

By James P. Leary


This is not just any book of folksongs. The key phrase in the title, “Another America,” reveals that it’s an attempt to recover folksongs that have been forgotten—those of a diverse and multilingual tradition of immigrant, Native American, rural and working class performers in the Upper Midwest. The book documents 187 songs in more than 25 languages, with full lyrics and English translations. The songs range from ballads and hymns to political anthems and polkas. These are songs sung and played by Germans, Finns, Scots, Serbs, Swedes, African-Americans and others who settled in the Upper Midwest during the Great Depression and World War II. While these people strove to assimilate, they did not abandon their musical heritages…

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