Love, Ghosts, at Center of UP Novels

The Last Photograph

By Anne Miller

This debut novel by Anne Miller is a love story of paranormal proportions. The book opens with us being introduced to Adrian Cattrel, an aspiring photographer, who is trying to snap a photo of her unsuspecting and sleeping young husband, Jake Riley. Somehow, he always manages to mess up her attempts.

The story then regresses into Adrian and Jake’s past. They first met when Adrian got stuck in traffic due to road construction. Jake was the obnoxious, muscular road construction worker who found her complaints amusing, called her “sweet thing” and disgusted Adrian with his rude and sexist behavior.

Adrian was still seething about Jake’s treatment of her that evening when she went out for drinks with her best friend, Cassie. She just happened to bump into Jake at a bar, and before she knew it, she was falling in love with him…

To read the full story, please pick up a copy of this months Marquette Monthly at one of our distribution outlets.

Story by Tyler Ticheelar

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