Award-winning artist’s fondness for nature, animals evident in her works


This scratchboard art by artist Tracy Anderson is titled Found Objects. It’s a depiction of a set of deer horns she found while walking in the woods. Anderson said it takes about a 100 hours to create one of her typical scratchboard art pieces.


By Joseph Zyble
The art world is beginning to take notice of Rapid River artist Tracy Anderson. Her work has been accepted in notable exhibitions lately, and she’s been winning awards.

Anderson, who was raised in Rapid River, developed an interest in art from an early age. “I’ve always enjoyed creating art. It’s a passion,” she said.

She took her first oil painting lesson at the age of 11.

“My grandmother had signed me up and got me started with the painting lessons. She is very creative, as are many of my family members in their own ways. My grandmother and my parents and brother have been highly supportive of me and my art,” Anderson said.

Nature is important to Anderson, and it shows in her creations. Growing up, she spent much of her free time roaming and exploring a hardwood forest along a ridge near her family home. It was a place her father and uncles played in their youth as well.

“Since I was a little kid through my teenage years, that ridge was special to me. It was my special spot. I loved to sit up there and sketch and daydream,” she said.


Click here to see more of Tracy Anderson’s artwork that was featured in the February 2019 issue of Marquette Monthly.


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