Gift of Water

By Heidi Stevenson

“Water records information, and while circulating throughout the earth distributes information. This water sent from the universe is full of the information of life.” —Masaru Emoto

Swimming in Lake Superior, I imagine all of the seagulls, sturgeon, people, and plovers also touching the water. I remember reading long ago that all of Earth’s water is continuously recycled. I imagine swimming in water that was once dinosaur urine. Genghis Khan’s sneeze. Marilyn Monroe’s soup. Water, in both metaphor and substance, is the real internet.

“The wave lives the life of a wave and at the same time, the life

of water. When you breathe, you breathe for all of us.” —Thic

Nhat Hanh

And then I think about the water I carry within me, the body of water I am. What was my body’s 55 percent water before it was me, today? The river water that finished off Rasputin? Prince’s tears? I daydream in interconnection.

“And when they burn your body/All that’s left is sand crystals/

Two tiny handfuls/All the rest is water, water, water, water/

All you need to know/Is you were born of water/ You are made

of water/ You are living water, water, water, water.”

—Cloud Cult

My mother died the night before her 45th birthday. She had made her wishes clear and 20-year-old me felt calm. Cremation. No obit. No service. Ashes sprinkled in Lake Superior. Simple…

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