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Prescription for a Happy Retirement: How to Flourish, Not Flounder

By Dr. James Bash

In Prescription for a Happy Retirement, Dr. James Bash explores why so many people have difficulty once they retire, often feeling sad and disappointed that retirement wasn’t the fun time they expected. His message boils down to: Don’t let this happen to you. He gives advice on how to prepare for retirement so it can be a meaningful, fun, and enriching experience like it should be.

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, Dr. Bash had plenty of opportunities to communicate with retired people who were his patients and to get their advice and perspectives on being retired. He has also been retired for several years now himself, and he quickly learned that unless he had a plan for his retirement, he would suffer from boredom and melancholy. Dr. Bash shows that people must prepare both financially and mentally for this period in their lives, deciding how they want to spend their time and finding activities to occupy their minds and hands to keep them healthy and happy.

By Tyler TIchelaar

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