Female surfers brave wintry water


by Carrie Usher

“Another day at the beach” is a phrase that takes different meaning among those you talk to. While some women yearn for ninety-degrees and sunny, others decide it is a good day to head to the lake when the winds are ripping up waves and the thought of sunscreen does not enter the mind.

During the past decade, there has been an increase in media attention on the freshwater surfing community. While it’s debatable whether this attention has increased the surfing population as a whole, the number of women consistently surfing is quite low.

When others have put their swimsuits and beach gear away, a unique breed will watch local forecasts and weather reports anxiously waiting to hear or read the words “winds out of the northwest gusting to….”

In Marquette, if there’s a predicted north wind coming through, watch the shoreline as local surfers may be getting…..

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