Examining love and a beloved building

Snow Country:

A Copper Island Novel, One

By Kristin Neva

Snow Country is Kristin Neva’s debut novel. Neva was born and raised on Copper Island (the northern Keweenaw Peninsula), so she knows what she writes about. The novel is aptly named since it takes place during a long U.P. winter.

The story begins in California where Beth Dawson is dumped by her fiancé just weeks before their wedding. Heartbroken, she quits her job since she and her fiancé both worked at the same place and takes up a mission from her mother—go to the U.P. to convince her grandmother to move to California. At first, Beth is focused on her mission, but it doesn’t last long, especially once she meets an attractive policeman named Danny Johnson.

Beth is a Christian so she has certain beliefs about dating, largely influenced by her reading books by Dr. Benley about intimacy in marriage. Benley is a Christian writer who strongly believes not only in chastity before marriage, but specific time frames for different stages in relationships. Beth followed all of Dr. Benley’s rules in her relationship with her fiancé, and although the relationship didn’t work out, she still wants to follow…

To read the full story, please pick up a copy of this months Marquette Monthly at one of our distribution outlets.

By Tyler Tichelaar

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