Everything Under The Sun keeps set list varied

Cutline: Everything Under The Sun. (Photo courtesy of EUTS)

By Amy Gawry

Everything Under the Sun mixes funk, blues, rock and reggae together to create music unlike any other. The Marquette-based band consists of five local men who joined together in 2012 to form a group that didn’t want to be labeled by one single genre of music. With musical influences like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sublime, Jackson Browne and Pink Floyd, the band creates music from lots of genres.

With Brett Hanson on vocals and ukulele, Michael Krah on guitar, Johnny Kero on piano and keyboard, Adam Deloria on the bass and Brandon Snyder on drums, the band has formed a tight bond over the years.

“We’re really a brotherhood; we vibe well. We can bounce ideas off each other, and play around with different ideas when it comes to making music,” Hanson said.

The band’s name pays homage to Pink Floyd: “And all that is now, and all that is gone, and all that’s to come, and everything under the sun is in tune.” Charter Media voted the band the “Best Unsigned Band in Michigan” and “Third Best Unsigned Band in the U.S.” in 2012.

The band generally plays in the Midwest, and tours from March until roughly September. They are excited to headline the Grand Marais Music Festival in August. However, after years of playing at many bars, festivals, weddings and private parties, they admit they still get pre-performance jitters.

“We still get anxious before the show if we’re playing at a new venue. The vibes are completely different playing at a bar versus playing at a music festival, so you never know how the crowd is going to react. But it’s comforting seeing some of the same people continuously coming to our shows. We appreciate it,” Krah said.

Everyone in the band contributes to song writing. One member will write something and bring it to the rest of the band, and then the band will try to connect how that person is feeling and the mood of the song and compose music to go along with the lyrics. They collaborate to figure out what sounds best.

“Performing makes us vulnerable; we’re putting ourselves and our souls out there for an audience and we don’t know what they’re going to do with that. We feel honored people connect to what we’re doing, though. Once we get onstage and I get that first note out, I feel at home,” Hanson said.

The band has recently opened up an entertainment company (E.U.T.S Entertainment Co.) at 509 W. Washington Street. Entertainment planning, rentals, booking and music lessons are just a few things offered. They also sell a variety of local/regional music merchandise.

Currently, the band is working on an album. Some of the members have part-time jobs that keep them occupied when they’re not jamming. They also recently shot a few music videos at Granot Loma.

“We just want to be us. Be weird. Make music. We want to spread music everywhere we can. As for me, I just want to be able to make a living off doing what I love and helping people. Sometimes people tell us our music has helped them through a tough time, or just that they love it in general, and that’s a really rewarding feeling,” Hanson said.

Everything Under the Sun can be contacted through their website eutsrocks.com. They can also be found on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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