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Drying it up

  Cutline: What once was a moldy, damp basement was converted into a stylish home office by Cherry Creek Construction. By Sam Holcomb In 1973, before I was born and back when Richard Nixon was president, the average newly built American home was just over 1,600 square feet. Today that number is over 2,600, and […]

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Freshening Up

Inexpensive renovations that update any home Cutline: This barn door kit retails at Lowe’s for as little as $300 and can be installed in one to two hours by a homeowner with basic tools. By Sam Holcomb A few months ago, I got a call from a regular client. I had already done several larger […]

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Prevent ice dams, lower energy bills

Story and photos by Sam Holcomb As a kid, I remember being excited every winter to see the icicles form along the eaves of our old farmhouse. Some were short and fat, others long and thin, and occasionally one would reach from the roof all the way to the frozen ground. They were beautiful, but […]

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