Comforting dream about wolf preceded surreal live encounter

“… So I take a few steps to the side to get a better look, and sure enough, a wolf is standing there looking back at me.”

Story and photo by Jude Holloway
I have been walking this road and its surrounding woods and fields for some 42 years now. It’s been my home stomping grounds. I’ve walked it in many moods, both its and mine. The area has always been a spiritual sanctuary for me, especially the fields. They have absorbed a lot of both my tears and joys. Their skies have blanketed me with comfort and wonder. Their ground has been soft to my steps and a cushion to my body when I have collapsed from the weight of life and death. The small groves of trees within them have given me shelter and have been my spiritual elders. They have been a gateway for me into spiritual realms few have ever known. These fields have been my go-to place. Often, I find comfort and healing here.
These past months have been a very intense time. All around me, many of the people I love most are going through very tough life and death experiences. And I am very affected by them. My two brothers out in Oregon are waiting impatiently for a liver donation. My sister and her husband have been in and out of hospitals and operating rooms. My dad’s health is failing. My daughter and her children have been walking with her husband to his death. And I’m searching to fill the hole left in my life by my own husband’s passing. So much. So intense. My brain is working overtime tying to accept all these facets of life on planet Earth and trying to know how to bring peace into them.
So, I go to the field…

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