Boy Scouts celebrating 50 years at Camp Hiawatha

Boy Scouts at Camp Hiawatha paddle canoes on Bunting Lake as part of a camp-wide relay race.

Story and photos by Michael Murray

It’s Friday afternoon at Camp Hiawatha, the unofficial summer headquarters of the Upper Peninsula’s Boy Scouts. After five days of rain and cool temperatures, the sky is clear and blue—and the boys’ attitudes reflect the return of summer weather. They gather along the edge of Bunting Lake to cheer on the canoeists and swimmers completing the final two legs of a camp-wide relay race, politely applauding all competitors but, no surprise, saving their loudest encouragements for their own troops.

A leader sitting on a wooden bench spots his two-scout canoe team as it clears the point and heads from left to right for the back side of the island. He rises to his feet, takes a single step toward the water and begins narrating his scouts’ pursuit of another canoe 25 yards ahead: “Okay, good, stay in rhythm. See how they’re paddling on opposite sides? They’re gonna catch ’em. Strong, steady strokes. … Heading into the wind like this, you want to get to the island as fast as you can and stick close to the shore. Let the island block the wind. Stay out of open water. … They’re gonna catch ’em.”

They catch ’em—and pass ’em—before reaching the island and paddling out of sight. The leader folds his arms across his chest and nods, a teacher satisfied in his students’ progress…

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