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Midnight in the Pawn Shop

By Deborah K. Frontiera

Midnight in the Pawn Shop is a charming little book about a group of objects that are for sale in a pawn shop. The story is told from the perspective of the security camera, which is able to record everything that happens in the shop. Not long before the story begins, the security camera tells us that there was a storm one night, during which lightning struck the shop; ever since then, all the items in the shop have been able to move and talk. However, they made a pact never to talk or move about during the day so the owner doesn’t know their secret.

The book reads a bit like The Arabian Nights, with one item telling its story every night. Sometimes, the items end up having connected stories that make the book all the more interesting. For example, the Exercise Bike tells how it belonged to a young woman named Amber, who used it regularly until she met a guy named Tom and moved in with him. Then Exercise Bike was sold. The mention of Amber and Tom makes Diamond Ring speak up because it also knew Amber and Tom and then shares what happened to them after Exercise Bike was sold.

To read the full story, please pick up a copy of this months Marquette Monthly at one of our distribution outlets.

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