Beyond ramen

After the fishing boat comes in with its catch, the fish are filleted. The scraps that are left over make a delicious and extremely economical fish broth. Phone ahead to find out when scraps will be available.

Story and photos by Katherine Larson

After the first flush of excitement of moving into the college dormitory and exploring the manifold options that the college dining service offers, there inevitably arrives a time when the sheen wears off.

Enough with cafeteria food. Enough with dining services. A college student wants to cook.


It might involve cost; cooking for oneself can be cheaper. It might involve nostalgia; cooking for oneself can evoke the flavors of home. It might involve necessity; dining hall hours are limited, schedules can be intractable, hunger can arise at odd hours.

Whatever the reason, the dormitory dweller who wants to cook typically has two choices: cook in one’s room, or cook in the dorm kitchen.

Northern Michigan University is particularly well equipped with dorm kitchens. Every dormitory boasts a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, counter space and kitchen table…

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