Adventurous women make up unusual plots


by Leonard G. Heldreth

This month’s films look at the heating oil business in New York City, review the process of slipping into middle age, and examine the adventures of two very unusual women.

A Most Violent Year

This is the third impressive film by J.C. Chandor, after Margin Call and the Robert Redford tour de force, All is Lost, but its title is less direct than those of his previous films. It refers to 1981, the most violent year in New York City history until that time, with 1,841 homicides. The number climbed through 1991 before starting to level off.

The film, however, only marginally focuses on crime and violence. Its hero is mostly concerned with avoiding those elements, both in his business and his life, except when he is forced to deal with them.

Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) has a heating-oil business in New York City, where the distribution territory is divided up in much the way organized crime has marked its territories. Morales has taken over a business started by his father-in-law, a man who didn’t hesitate…..

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