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Governor makes time for youth journalists

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist are shown with the members of 8-18 Media at the U.P. Children’s Museum in Marquette. (8-18 Media photo)

Story and photo by 8-18 Media
This past February, Michigan’s newly elected governor, Gretchen Whitmer, hosted a February Warm-Up party at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. The Whitmer warm-up was held Feb. 16 and was free for area families to come out to meet Gov. Whitmer. It’s certainly not every day that a political figure visits the museum and the 8-18 Media Bureau, so of course, 8-18 Media took full advantage of the situation and reached out to Whitmer’s public relations people to request a one-on-one interview with the governor.
At first, 8-18 Media was told that they would be placed with the other local media outlets that were covering the event and that we might be able to ask the governor a question. However, it turned out that 8-18 Media was granted a five-minute exclusive interview with the governor.
The day of the interview the museum was busy with Whitmer’s team who came in and prepped the museum for the event. They were prepared for a large crowd and security was an important issue. A state trooper on security detail was posted directly outside of the 8-18 Media Bureau, and other security team members were posted elsewhere around the museum. It felt very official. The governor had arrived. Our interview time was scheduled to be at 1 p.m. but luckily our team assembled over an hour early to prep for the interview, because at a little after noon we were alerted that the interview was going to happen immediately. We were escorted to the press area where we waited for the other local media outlets to ask Gov. Whitmer a few questions. 8-18 Media used our precious few minutes of interview time with Gov. Whitmer to ask her questions on her proposed policies that would affect the lives of Upper Michigan youth: safer driving laws, affordable education and how to better to protect the Great Lakes for future generations…


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