March, 2015

March 2015 Out & About

end of February events 25 WEDNESDAY Sunrise 7:38 a.m.; Sunset 6:28 p.m. Gwinn • Merry Mixers. 1:00 p.m. Forsyth Senior Center, 165 North Maple Street. 346-9862. Marquette     • Storytime for 2s and 3s. Stories for two- and three-year-old children will be told. 10:30 a.m. Children’s Room, Peter White Public Library, 217 North Front Street. 226-4323. • Mr. […]

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Women write introspectively about life, grief

by Tyler Tichelaar Once, Then by Andrea Scarpino Once, Then is a full-length poetry collection about death, grief, spirituality, God and myth. Other reviewers of this collection have called the poems “Orphic songs of grief” because of their Greek myth references and their elegiac style. At the center of the poems are two deaths—one of […]

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Program evolves, volunteer remains loyal

by Pam Christensen Thirty-five years ago, Miriam Hilton was one of the people who set the stage for what would become today’s Marquette Adult Day Services. She would serve as a volunteer, board member and volunteer center director. Today, she still supports the organization and leads the group in tai chi twice a month. Marquette […]

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UPEC celebrates the Upper Peninsula

by Kristy Basolo-Malmsten Celebrate the U.P. will be held March 13 through 15 in Marquette, offering something for everyone who is interested in the Upper Peninsula’s outdoors. Jon Saari, UPEC board member and treasurer, said whether you work or play in the Upper Peninsula environment, there will be a topic of interest. “We think each […]

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In Praise of Crabs

“Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.”  —Bill Meyer by Scot Stewart It is a word with so many definitions. Delicious, difficult to live with, beautiful, the adjectives all fit. And that’s just for the trees. There are at least thirty-five species and more than 700 varieties […]

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Time-lapse with a twist

by Leonard Heldreth The films this month include a unique view of a boy growing up, an intricate spy thriller and two sequels that emphasize sequelicity. Boyhood We’ve all seen it to the extent that it’s a cliché—a plant shoots up from the ground, leaves appear, a bud surges up and a flower opens into […]

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So what is a broth-lover to do?

by Katherine Larson There is something about chicken broth. When the winds blow icy cold and winter seems to last forever, or when we are suffering from a snuffly cold, or when the universe feels coldly uncaring, chicken broth is the answer. So, in chilly months, cans of chicken soup leap into the bestseller category […]

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Photo by Deborah Frontiera/MM

Ontonagon: The town that won’t go away

By Deborah Frontiera Ontonagon has had a long history of “boom” and “bust” that predates the California Gold Rush. Unfortunately, its history has also been filled with outside speculators and investors who tended to come in, extract, use up and then spit out the area and its residents. Ken Raisanen, a long-time resident and current […]

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Westwood High School students practice for their upcoming performance of Much Ado About Nothing, beginning on March 11. Photo by Emily Pagel/MM

Much ado about…Joseph

by Emily Pagel The Marquette area being voted as a “Cool City” in Michigan isn’t all about the nature that surrounds us or winter sports that the weather provides for during the wintry months. Although it may be nestled away from large metropolises, the Upper Peninsula offers a unique culture and a grand appreciation for […]

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License not priority for teens

Waiting past age sixteen to drive is becoming more common among young adults all over the country. What used to be a right of passage for every sixteen-year-old is now a matter of personal preference. Micah Argeropoulos, a twenty-one year old from Marquette, prefers biking to driving and chose not to get his driver’s license […]

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Dealing with grief… and Les is More

by Leslie Bek In preparation for each issue of Marquette Monthly, Pat Ryan O’Day would email or call me and ask, “What do you have in mind for next month’s issue?” This exercise was repeated many times with other contributing writers. But, like one of many children, I like to think about one-on-one times. Often my […]

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A word to the wise – March 2015

Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient by Gerald Waite February and March can be hard to endure for some folks. We have to look for reasons to break the routine, leave the snowbound cabin and celebrate. February has Mardi Gras and St. Valentine’s Day. What about March? There’s the first day […]

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By Mike McKinney

Nurturing our fire within

A tribute to Pat Ryan O’Day, mentor, community supporter and friend Pat Ryan O’Day, longtime owner, editor- in-chief and publisher of Marquette Monthly, passed away at U.P. Health System in Marquette on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, following a brief stay at the hospital. Ryan O’Day was the owner of Marquette Monthly for more than twenty […]

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City Notes – March 2015

Marquette Area Blues Society seeks logos for 2015 contest The Marquette Area Blues Society is seeking entries for its annual logo contest for the twelfth annual Marquette Area Blues Fest to be held over Labor Day weekend 2015 in Marquette. Area artists, students and blues enthusiasts are encouraged to enter. One logo will be chosen, […]

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