November, 2014
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Cancer stories in the U.P.

by Babette Welch It started as a lump. From those five words, many cancer sagas have begun. Karl Wideman was athletic, energetic and enjoying life with his wife, Susan, and their young son. He was fifty when his right leg began to swell, he had night sweats and was misdiagnosed twice. Finally, his condition was […]

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Memories and Mysteries

by Katherine Larson If you fly from Marquette to Miami to São Paolo to Araçatuba (Brazil) you’ll cover about 6,000 air miles—the same distance as, say, flying from Marquette to Tokyo, or from Marquette to Moscow and then continuing another thousand miles beyond. It’s a long way. But by Internet, it’s not far at all. That’s […]

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What can happen when you dream

by Claudia Drosen Marquette Alternative High School social studies/special education teacher Amanda Erspamer-Berry is a dreamer. That doesn’t mean she spends countless hours idly sitting by the window with a vacant look on her face. Far from it. Her busy life hardly makes it possible for her to sit at all. Along with her team […]

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A word to the wise – November 2014

Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient by Gerald Waite Late once more submitting this column to my long-suffering editor, I reported (a day after deadline) I was getting right at it. “After all, better late than never.” Her retort was prompt as usual: “Well, the road to hell is paved with […]

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City Notes – November 2014

Edited by Senja Wahlman Dear editor, Marquette Alternative High School and teacher Amanda Erspamer-Berry are in the running against two other schools in their Region (North Central USA) for a $100,000.00 grant through Farmers Insurance Thank a Million Teachers. Please check out the website and watch the video and consider and vote. Voting started on […]

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A distinctive and unique essence: late fall in Downtown Marquette

by Becky Greiner By the time the end of fall comes around, most people are getting ready to hunker down for the long winter. Various flavors of hot chocolates, soups and other cold weather staples grace the tables of winterized houses, while snowmobiles, shovels and snow throwers stand ready for service in their garages. One […]

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