September, 2014

Three years of food: (in case we forgot) the other important thing

by Pat Tikkanen Last month I wrote about the last three years during which my husband, Don Curto, who wrote this column for twenty-five years, and I were living on my family farm near Calumet. I wrote about our decision to receive hospice care for the COPD which claimed his life on June 21, some […]

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City Notes – September 2014

Edited by Senja Wahlman Dear editor, Colorado Yoopers has done annual picnic and winter events in the Denver area for the past sixteen years. The new website has allowed many people of the Upper Peninsula to contact others that live in the area, and we also help nonprofits of Upper Michigan, The annual picnic […]

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An introduction to NMU president Fritz Erickson

By Kristi Evans Fritz Erickson has worked in higher education for nearly three decades, yet still finds himself continually reenergized by the sense of optimism that permeates campus at the start of each fall semester. He is experiencing that familiar feeling in a new environment and expanded role this year as the recently appointed fifteenth […]

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Travel books offer culinary and curious delights

by Tyler Tichelaar Lake Superior Flavors: A Field Guide to Food and Drink Along the Circle Tour by James Norton, with photography by Becca Dilley If you haven’t gone on your summer vacation yet, take advantage of September’s relatively warm weather, and perhaps a chance to see the fall colors, by taking a circle tour […]

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Powerful women, Wes Anderson wow

by Leonard Heldreth This month’s offerings include three films about powerful women and Wes Anderson’s whimsical, labyrinthian story of a grand hotel. Two of them star Ralph Fiennes, so we’ll begin and end with them. The Invisible Woman Romantic and sexual passion are frequently at odds with regulations and expectations of polite society, and were […]

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GLCC helps with many local conservation projects

 by 8-18 Media Where there used to be a lakeside patch of invasive knapweed, healthy dune grass thrives. Several sand dunes in the region have been given this treatment, thanks to the Great Lakes Conservation Corps, or GLCC, a group consisting of young men and women ages eighteen to twenty-four. According to Coleman Wilson, a […]

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MCHD offers fluoride treatments

by Rebecca Maino Do you remember going to the dentist as a child? Do you remember your cleaning ending with either—depending on your age—a funny tasting fluoride rinse or a gel squishing out of the sides of mouth trays? I remember sitting in the dental chair thinking, “Four minutes is a long time.” The good news […]

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Women’s Center creates emergency health fund

by Leslie Bek Filling gaps in service needs is an ongoing challenge for most nonprofit organizations. Each of these needs requires prioritization and a search for resources to implement solutions. The Marquette Women’s Center works to empower individuals and families experiencing domestic and/or sexual violence by providing 24/7 access to emergency intervention services, crisis intervention, individual […]

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MooseWood Nature Center in need of volunteers for programming

MooseWood Nature Center is seeking help. Moosewood is looking for artists, educators, hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts; anyone who would love to share their trade or skills to the public in the form of a program. MooseWood Nature Center’s mission is to celebrate nature through education and action in the Upper Peninsula. Programs are provided for schools […]

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Coupons help eligible families get local produce

by Lynn Krahn MSU Extension Hoophouses for Health is a program designed to introduce vulnerable families to local farmers markets to provide them with the resources they need to become loyal, repeat customers. A goal of the program is to build the capacity of vulnerable families to access and utilize more fruit and vegetables in […]

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Grandparents Teach, Too: Preparing Kids for Change in Fall

Children behave best when they know what to expect and have practiced what to say.  Children feel more comfortable in social situations like the first days of school if they have practiced the words needed to express their feelings and needs. Visit the school, their room, and playground together. Where will coats, lunch, and book […]

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UP Children’s Museum programs for September

UPCM offers a variety of programming for youth from toddlers to teens.  This month’s Together Time Programming theme is “Pooh, Piglet and Roo!”. Together Time activities are simple projects designed for toddlers and their caregivers. Some are self-directed while others are more organized in nature. They are all free with admission and membership. Each weekday […]

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Grandparents Teach Too: Creating a Home Art Corner

What would happen if you provided an art corner for your children and supplied them with objects found around your home and in the great outdoors?  What if you read to them every day and took them to the library and provided a literacy-rich environment?  Listen to the words of Caldecott Award winning children’s illustrator, […]

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B-complex plays major role in health maintenance and recovery from disease

by Sherry Miller-vonSKynell MSU Extension volunteer B vitamins are essential for growth and development as well as the production of energy. They play a major part in the breakdown of carbohydrates and protein and promote a healthy immune system. The B vitamins are essential for muscle toning and heart health. They prevent B-12 and folate […]

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