August, 2014

Liberty Children’s Art Project to be held in Big Bay

Liberty Children’s Art Project (LCAP) will teach a five-day art camp for children six-years-old and up this summer at the Powell Township School Art Garage. This camp will be Monday through Friday, August 11 to 15, with the morning session 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. for children from first through fifth grade called  “Indigenous Art Inspired […]

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Grandparents Teach Too: Garage “Sailing” Teaches Econ Fun

What did you do with Grandma Dee this week? “We went garage sailing!” the cousins replied.  “We sail from one Garage Sale to another.” This fun time full of memories also teaches valuable economic lessons. On Thursday night, the one cousin searches through newspapers, cuts out, and highlights Garage Sale times and addresses.  Friday Grandma […]

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UP Children’s Museum programs for August

UPCM offers a variety of programming for youth from toddlers to teens.  This month’s Together Time Programming theme is “Boat Loads of Fun!!!”. Together Time activities are simple projects designed for toddlers and their caregivers. Some are self-directed while others are more organized in nature. They are all free with admission and membership. Each weekday […]

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Sawyer International Airport to host Family Fun Day in August

On Saturday, August 16, starting at 7:30 a.m., Sawyer International Airport will host Discover Sawyer Family Fun Day. Admission is free. The day will feature a car show, bike or run and multiple equipment displays. It is a chance to see the largest runway in the state of Michigan in a unique way. For more […]

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IMMERSE! program plans August kickoff event

MooseWood Nature Center, in collaboration with 4-H, NMU and the Seaborg Center, will be offering a monthly science and art program called IMMERSE! The program is open for all ages eight to 108 and will feature monthly sessions that showcase the intersection between science and art. The IMMERSE! program will kick off with a meeting […]

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PWPL films and readings in August

Peter White Public Library will feature a variety of films and events in August. Admission is free. For more information, call 226-4318 or visit Monday, August 4 at 1:30 p.m., in the PWPL Community Room, see the Afternoon Classic Film: The Music Man, starring Robert Preston, Shirley Jones & Buddy Hackett. Also on Monday, […]

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Labor Sport Union influenced Lake Superior region

by Kristi Evans The Labor Sport Union, an intriguing blend of left-wing politics and athletics, prospered throughout the iron ore region of Lake Superior from 1928 to 1935. Teams from several cities dotting the Upper Peninsula were among those competing in a variety of sports, from baseball and basketball to gymnastics and track and field. […]

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Gwinn clinic provides services for youth

by Jill Magel The Gwinn Teen Clinic is a school-based child and adolescent health center located within Gwinn High School that serves adolescents ages ten to twenty-one in the Gwinn School District. The clinic’s goal is to keep students healthy, learning and in school. School-based child and adolescent health centers have been shown to improve […]

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“Bee Busters” save wild hive

by David Payant David and Susan Payant, doing business as “The Bee Busters,” removed a feral hive from an office building recently. The Bee Busters will remove feral hives and collect swarms for free, as long as they can keep the bees or give them to a good home. We decided to form the Bee […]

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Youth programs move to new home

by 8-18 Media An addiction recovery program for youth, which has been active in our community for more than thirty years, is moving to a new home in Negaunee. The Great Lakes Recovery Center has purchased the former Woodland Assisted Living Facility from Bell Hospital Duke Lifepoint to provide a better housing facility for its […]

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Films feature kung fu, cops, crashes, divorce, Disney

by Leonard Heldreth The films this month are quite a mixture—a gorgeous kung fu film, a detective miniseries, an Iranian divorce film, a documentary about the hazards of snowboarding, and a bizarre film shot on location in Disney World. The Grandmaster It seems strange to praise a kung fu movie for its visual beauty, its subtlety, […]

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Animal stories make for entertaining reading

by Tyler Tichelaar Adventures with Vinnie by Donna Winters Adventures with Vinnie is the fun, sometimes frustrating, and often touching story of a married couple’s true life adventures when they adopted their dog Vinnie from the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS). After author Donna Winters and her husband Fred watched a video of Vinnie […]

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