November, 2009

There can be no Pure Michigan without pure water

 by Babette Welch “Michigan’s very name is rooted in the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian word for ‘large lake,’ and its handprint on the earth, the mitten-like Lower Peninsula and jagged-edged Upper Peninsula, is shaped by four of the five Great Lakes. They’re called lakes, but sailors referred to the planet’s largest bodies of fresh water as […]

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City Notes – November 2009

Edited by: Kristy Basolo Mailbox Dear editor Bravo to Brian Maki and his recent article, “Patience, technology and our lives,” which is very timely and important. In my opinion, we are letting technology decide our future as a culture. And it’s producing a dilution of the social fabric. Have we not become too enticed by […]

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Star Date: November 2009

By: Craig Linde Moon & Planets—Jupiter is the only planet present in the evening sky. It is in the south after sunset and sets around midnight. Mars rises before midnight and will be getting high in the south by first light. Saturn rises a few hours before sunrise and is up in the southeast by dawn. […]

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A word to the wise

By: Gerald Waite Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient “Be not careless in deeds, nor confused in words,” goes an epigram by the old Roman, Marcus Aurelius. Easier said than done, Marcus. Looking over the tangled origins of some English words can lead you to wonder how their original meanings ever […]

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Novella’s story

By: Terry Gadzinski “I wanted to read to my children so badly, but because of my eye condition, I couldn’t. Since my cornea transplant, I can now read—and so much more.” —Novella Parker, recipient of a cornea donation. For Novella Parker of Newberry, simple everyday activities that many people take for granted, like reading a […]

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Depredations of the Summer Harvest Gang and other mostly true stories

By: Don Curto There usually were four of us, but once in a while, parents got in the way and our gang was reduced to three or even two. Two members of the gang were eleven years old and two were twelve. For at least one year, we were—without challenge—the most successful, quiet, criminal operation […]

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Memories of youth activities abound

By: Larry Alexander  Carl Stotz founded Little League baseball in 1939. Twelve years later, organized youth sports, at least in the form of Stotz’s Little League, had not yet reached Marquette. However, Marquette provided an exceptional environment for youth athletics and certainly was in line with Stotz’s philosophy. Carl Stotz founded Little League baseball in […]

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Marquette to host 2009 ISU World Cup

by: Janet Mehl The world’s best short-track speed skaters from around the globe will compete in Marquette from November 12 through 15 as the United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC) and Northern Michigan University host the 2009 ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating qualifying competitions. The four-day 2009 ISU World Cup, held at the […]

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Notes from the North Country

By: Lon and Lynn Emerick It is 5:00 a.m., November 15, and through all the U.P. deer camps, the hunters are stirring with not even a moan. The chef-of-the-day rose earlier to prepare breakfast and now he awakens the slumbering crew with the traditional cry, “Daylight in the swamp!” The delightful aroma of pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon […]

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Seeing the blessing

by: Leslie Bek What is distinguishable about November? In our geographic region, it is transitional weather—a move from cool to cold. The once gloriously colored leaves lay hopelessly on the ground. Cold rains keep us from our outdoor chores. Just wait, I’m told, there will be another warm day or two. A blessing of hope […]

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Examining the No. 1 cancer in the nation

By: George Sedlacek On October 17, the Marquette Rangers hockey team and Marquette General Hospital teamed up for a fantastic evening of fundraising for breast cancer treatment programs. The public recognizes the significance of pink ribbons signifying the fight against breast cancer. There is another cancer out there that is even more prevalent in our […]

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Michigan murder mysteries of true life and fiction

By: Tyler Tichelaar Wading in Blood: Murder in Michigan By Sonny Longtine The front cover of Sonny Longtine’s Wading in Blood declares it “a riveting read on legendary murders that spanned Upper & Lower Michigan” and it lives up to that promise. Here are thirty-six vignettes about murder, twenty-one from Upper Michigan and sixteen from […]

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Vista preserves community theatre

By: Bobby Glenn Brown For some, driving by the Vista Theater on Iron Street in Historic Downtown Negaunee is commonplace. Just down the street from Breitung Park and snuggled in between Tino’s Pizza and the newly established Vista Thrift Shop, and kitty-corner from Midtown Bakery, the Vista Theater continues its efforts to promote, produce and encourage […]

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South Country Connection – November 2009

Holiday celebrations set The Salvation Army annual community Thanksgiving Dinner will be held Thanksgiving Day from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Salvation Army Recreation Center (SARC) gym in K.I. Sawyer. Bring yourselves and your family and share Thanksgiving. The SARC will be closed at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday and all day on November 27 […]

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