August, 2009

Budget cuts to affect senior programs

by Kim Hoyum As Michigan legislators determine how to make up for a projected $1.5 billion budget deficit beginning in October, more state funding for human services programs is on the chopping block. The Senate passed budgets in late June that will cut almost that amount from the state’s budget, including the general fund, school […]

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John D. Voelker (NMU Archives)

One man’s life, another man’s quest: Collecting John D. Voelker

by Pam Christensen Steve Peters has worked for the past ten years on the project of a lifetime. He has spent several hours per week organizing the John D. Voelker Collection at the Central Upper Peninsula and NMU Archives, located on the Northern Michigan University campus. “Judge Voelker was a pack rat,” Peters said. Normally […]

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The best breakfast ever

by Don Curto Breakfast. Pronounced “breck-fist.” This meal was truly, for most of us, a “break the fast,” as an early supper could be 5:30 p.m. in the dark days of winter and the first morning food, even on a school day, might be as late as 7:00 a.m. This fourteen-hour period certainly classifies as […]

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Sweatin’ to the Oldies—Yooper style

by Leslie Allen It was a hot, dry, windy day, the kind of day that jangles the wind chimes and scurries the dust up the driveway, through the house. At first it feels delightfully hot and summery; then the nerves fray and the throat dries. Time to relax in the sauna. One hears much about […]

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‘Ahead of their Time’ fundraiser planned

by Tiina Harris The Marquette County History Museum will present “Ahead of Their Time,” a live history performance exploring inspirational individuals, who touched Marquette, including Will Adams, Amelia Earhart, Cecil Grylls, Anita Meyland and Robert Clark. Through monologue, these writers, adventurers, painters and poets will share their ambitions, struggles, accomplishments and creative processes. Upper Michigan […]

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Seafood Fest kicks off key fundraiser

by Larry Alexander The Marquette West Rotary’s Seafood Fest is more than just a good time, a chance to eat some great food and listen to some great music. This may come as a surprise, but the Seafood Fest is primarily a very successful fundraiser, which has generated $432,620 for local organizations over the past twenty-five […]

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Volunteers rally to repair community park, image

by Kim Hoyum Over the last five months, a group of residents, businesspeople, developers, officials and other community leaders has been meeting in K.I. Sawyer to discuss, research and solve the community’s issues. Their progress is measured in more police presence in the community, contacts made with owners of vacant buildings, cleaning and painting at Little […]

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South Country Connection – August 2009

SARC hosts VBS Safari The Salvation Army Recreation Center (SARC) in K.I. Sawyer will host the summer lunch program through the Gwinn School system and the United States Department of Agriculture for all youth up to the age of eighteen. The program will run from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday through August […]

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Puzzle pieces abound in sports

by Leslie Bek I was twelve years old and playing in a summer girls softball league. I stood at the plate, dug in my feet, tapped the outer edge with my bat, took my practice swing and readied myself for the first pitch. During this preparation ritual, I heard my third base coach call to me […]

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Awareness, education key to preventing breast cancer

by Jill Fries Since 1991, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) has implemented a comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) through a multiyear grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With these funds, low-income women have access to lifesaving cancer screening services and follow-up care, including cancer treatment if […]

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Notes from the North Country

by Lon and Lynn Emerick It started out as a simple task: We were to transport composer/musician Jukka Linkola and his wife Marita from Copper Harbor, where they had been attending the annual art and music festival, to our home in West Branch Township. Linkola was in the U.P. for the premiere of his Bass Concerto […]

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Girl power: Youth corps workers get dirty

by Cassie Lahtinen The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) and the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) recently combined their efforts to launch their first all-girl tribal conservation crew on the KBIC L’Anse Reservation. The five-member team had the opportunity to experience firsthand what a career in natural resources has to offer. Daily tasks ranged from creating spawning […]

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Foundation supports field improvements

by Sam Eggleston John Sandy and the other members of the Superiorland Soccer Association envisioned a place where kids could play soccer, baseball and ride their BMX bikes without struggling for space, parking or facilities. It’s a vision the Kaufman Foundation, along with other generous supporters, could see as well. That’s why the former River Park […]

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Kids look at future of play and leisure

 by 8-18 Media It’s crazy to think that just twenty years ago many current sources of entertainment for kids didn’t exist. MySpace, texting, hand-held video games and iPods had yet to be invented. Although some forms of entertainment never change, developments do come along and change our world significantly from generation to generation. One can […]

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