July, 2009

Nara Nature Park welcomes public

by Deborah K. Frontiera We all like a place of peace and solitude in the outdoors that we hope never gets crowded. The Nara Nature Park fills that bill. It is a place the City of Houghton and Michigan Technological University would love for the entire world to know about and use in many ways: hiking, […]

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Sculpture park offers more than art

by Leslie Allen Lakenenland, the Upper Peninsula’s premiere sculpture park, is going strong. There are two perch- and bluegill-stocked ponds, a gazebo where you might find fishing poles, a band shell under construction, one of the nicest little outhouses you’ll ever see, always a new sculpture or two, and, of course, the campfire ring with plenty […]

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Notes from the North Country

by Lon and Lynn Emerick “For I was rich, if not in money, in sunny hours and summer days.” —Henry David Thoreau An Upper Peninsula summer is a superb time to make some investments. Not to worry, we don’t mean ephemeral stocks or bonds. No Ponzi scheme here. Rather, we suggest investments in the incomparable beauty […]

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City Notes – July 2009

Edited by Kristy Basolo Mailbox Dear editor The Marquette Symphony Orchestra is embarking upon its thirteenth season with a “Pops” Concert on September 19, featuring Marquette’s own Broadway star, Paul Truckey. This season features four full-orchestra concerts at Kaufman Auditorium, chamber music concerts in Escanaba in cooperation with the Besse Center, sponsorship of a youth […]

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A word to the wise – July 2009

Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient Passing through Bruce Crossing recently out west in Ontonagan County, I recalled a native of the town often referring to it as “Bruce’s.” Shorthand of course, but was an apostrophe once part of the name, as the gods of grammar intended? And who was Bruce? […]

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Star Date: July 2009

Moon & Planets—Saturn is low in the west after sunset, and by mid-month, sets before midnight. Jupiter is becoming the most prominent planet to view as it rises around midnight and rides high in the south by first light. It also is increasing slightly in brightness as it moves toward opposition next month. Mars and […]

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