April, 2009

A word to the wise – April 2009

Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient This description of an art exhibit appeared lately in the local press: “artists ‘draw on the visual language of design and on new relational, process-based modes of art-making to create portable, human-scaled works of art that emphasize the ways environmental concerns are inextricably linked to […]

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19th annual Marquette Monthly short story contest winner

A Made Pony  by Meghan Namaste I stood in the barn aisle, thoroughly winded after mucking my share of the stalls at fever pitch. I had my hands full, trying to keep up with the more experienced stable hands who went about their work as if it required no more exertion than couch surfing. My […]

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Superior Surfing

by Eric Hammerstrom On February 18, with school cancelled, highways closed and power outages slamming the Marquette area, one area resident donned a wet suit, grabbed a surfboard and challenged the storm. After being battered against the break wall of Marquette’s Upper Harbor and swept over the concrete wall and the three feet of ice build-up […]

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Notes from the North Country

by Lon and Lynn Emerick It is an unexpectedly mild evening in early April and a fine time to look for the first signs of spring. There is an ecstasy among dwellers in this northern climate, a delight in every small portent that the vernal season of green, wild flowers and moving water soon will […]

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Local history buffs receive awards

by Jennifer Lammi and Tiina Harris The Marquette County History Museum presented the first annual Ameen, Honkala, Richards Young Historian Awards at its annual meeting on February 24. This new award honors Marquette County students in primary and secondary grades who have demonstrated excellence in local history. This year’s recipients were Cassidy Calderwood and Cameron Lutey […]

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PAAC opens season with Finnish epic, Kalevala

By Paul Olson The Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council will open its 2009 theater season with an original script based on the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. “Carl Anderson, one of our regular actors, has acted in two different plays based on segments of the Kalevala out in Minnesota,” said Al Keefer, who is directing the production. […]

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Local books reveal U.P., world history closely tied

by Tyler Tichelaar Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window by Dan Oja The back cover of Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window declares: “If you’re only going to read one book about World War II, this should be that book.” This is no false boasting. Hands down, Ordinary Heroes, is the most extraordinary reading […]

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WNMU welcomes two new staff members

by Evelyn Massaro WNMU-FM, Public Radio 90 welcomes Leigh Barry as its new business and community support coordinator. Barry will be working with the businesses, organizations and individuals that provide financial support for programming on Public TV13 and Public Radio 90. It has taken a while to find the right person to fill the giant […]

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Documentary examines WTC acrobatic feat

by Leonard Heldreth The films this month present five women trying to deal with the problems they encounter, and one man trying to keep his balance a quarter of a mile above the ground. Frozen River The title of Frozen River refers to the St. Lawrence in New York where it forms the boundary between […]

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City Notes – April 2009

Edited by Kristy Basolo Dear editor One of Governor Granholm’s budget recommendations includes closure of the State Police Crime Lab in Marquette. The next closest lab is in Grayling. Governor Granholm, along with both the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, requested that the Council of State Governments for Technical Assistance address high […]

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On the Tyoga Trail

by Leslie Allen The Tyoga Historical Pathway is a 1.4-mile loop, a tangled trail cutting through the gnarled woods that cover the rocky land between Lake Superior and M-28 in western Alger County. The trail circles and winds through the lumber-camp town of Tyoga, which existed from about 1905 to 1908, and the town’s tale […]

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Million penny project reaches happy ending

by Pam Christensen How long does it take to collect one million pennies? That is the question the staff of the Peter White Public Library (PWPL) posed in August 2001. As it turns out, the answer is about seven years. PWPL hosted “Go Figure,” a traveling exhibit that demonstrates how math concepts are integrated into […]

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On making choices…

 by Don Curto Harrison Salisbury, author and late New York Times reporter said: if a reporter is not “a disturber of the peace” he should go into cost accounting…a rule not often suggested these days but one with which I am in full agreement. So, look ahead here for some “disturbing of the peace.” On […]

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Charter school may serve primary students

by Larry Alexander North Star Academy in Marquette is working to expand to include students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. The school’s charter from Northern Michigan University expires on June 30, 2009, and the proposed expansion to K-12 is part of North Star’s long-term strategic plan. “We are guardedly optimistic about the expansion,” said Karen Anderson, […]

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