December, 2008

Lookout Point

   Volunteers raffle Adler quilt by Larry Alexander Marquette General Hospital volunteers are raffling off a Betty Adler quilt. To quilting enthusiasts, this is big. “Betty is quite a renowned quilting expert, and when quilters hear that she made this quilt, they are very excited,” said Carolyn Severson, MGH chief volunteer. Adler, who has taught […]

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In the Outdoors

   Notes from the North Country by Lon and Lynn Emerick In the present worldwide economic climate, we’ll hear much about the Gross National Product Index or GNP. It’s a compilation of the prices of housing, food, fuel and other aspects of living in what are termed “developed countries.” But have you heard about the […]

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Arts & Humanities

   Good things come in small packages by Pam Christensen The adage “Good things come in small packages” is true when speaking of Dorothy Boyer. Dorothy was born in September 1910 in Ironwood. She died in Mason at the age of ninety-seven. Despite her diminutive size, she made a huge impact on lives she touched. […]

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A year of public health goals and outcomes, by George Sedlacek

A year of public health goals and outcomes As we close out yet another year, people tend to take stock (sorry I used that word) of their goals and how close they came to accomplishing them. In the public health world, we do a similar assessment. Part of the responsibility of a health department is […]

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Finding balance this winter, by Leslie Bek

Finding balance this winter It’s that time; the winter season, U.P. style. A time some have waited for with great expectation and excitement; a time others dread, when they hang their collective heads like Winnie the Pooh’s pal Eeyore. Some folks just say the heck with it and head south, staying until they feel it’s […]

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Locals – December 2008

   Making Marquette more beautiful by Larry Alexander In 1976, some elementary school kids planted a seed. They told grownups, “make Marquette more beautiful.” The adults listened. Today Marquette still is reaping the benefits through the work of the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee (MBRC). The MBRC was established in 1978 as a nonprofit, volunteer […]

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Back Then – December 2008

Eighth in the MM series on life sixty years ago  In the year of the Artichoke Queen by Larry Chabot 1948: unknown starlet Marilyn Monroe was crowned Artichoke Queen of Castroville (California), the highlight of her career so far. Because that festival still is an annual event, we wonder whether anyone there remembers Marilyn and […]

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Food & Other Important Things

 The Christmas Season of 1936  by Don Curto General Motors Corporation is in possible danger of going out of business. Can you imagine? But GM has been in big trouble before. This is a company that tends to cause its own serious problems. It also is a company that thinks it is bigger than the […]

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City Notes

 Edited by Kristy Basolo About the cover This month’s cover art, “Tree of Life” by Diana Magnuson, shows four seasons, from left to right. For more about the artist, visit www.diana Short story entries wanted for annual MM contest M arquette Monthly is accepting stories for its eighteenth annual short story contest through January […]

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Trains, parks and screwball comedies

by Leonard Heldreth The films this month include a thriller set on a Russian express train, an account of a young man coming to terms with his own actions, a middle-aged college professor’s encounter with the world of illegal immigrants and a frothy female buddy movie that imitates the screwball comedies of the ’30s.   […]

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A day in the life of Sister City delegate Mio Zushi

by 8-18 Media From November 6 through 14, Marquette was visited by a group of ten middle school students and three advisers from Marquette’s Sister City, Higashiomi (Japan). The group stayed with different host families in the community. Our family served as one of the host families. Mio Zushi, fifteen, spent a fun week with […]

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