January, 2008

There’s time—we’ll get to it later

by Don Curto About a year or so ago, Monsignor Louis Cappo and I agreed I would set up about five recording sessions of at least an hour each to capture the story of his life in as much detail as possible. He was getting old, and he knew it. (I am getting old, and […]

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Author offers behind-the-scenes look at The U.P. Recalls the War

by Larry Chabot If you’ve never been on live television, walking into a TV studio for an interview can be nerve-rattling. You think: “How can these people be so calm? Don’t they realize what’s happening here?” Eight short interviews, none more than ten minutes, had been scheduled for the breaks in a documentary being broadcast […]

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Success equals half century of baking experience, dozens of grandchildren

by Becky Korpi With a pen in one hand and a steaming cup of coffee in the other, Anna Wahlstrom silently and carefully works the sudoku puzzle in front of her. Upon noticing the cryptogram and crossword puzzle she completed earlier, a casual passerby might surmise that this is where Wahlstrom’s passion lies. But those […]

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Artists and musicians work together to promote festivals

by Jamie Lafreniere Artists are working to promote local music festivals such as the Hiawatha Music Co-op and the Marquette Area Blues Society as they wind down their logo contests. February 1 is the deadline for artwork submissions and the boards are getting ready to make their selections. “Our logo contest is open to anyone […]

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Local bookstores offer superior service

by Tyler R. Tichelaar For years, we’ve been told to shop locally so our money stays in Upper Michigan. But how many of us go online to buy books at Amazon, or spend money at chain bookstores—even going to Wisconsin to buy books at Barnes & Noble? Why go online when we have more than […]

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Sulfide mining: the next step

by Cynthia Pryor Even after the Department of Environmental Quality mistakenly made its final decision to grant the first ever metallic sulfide mining permit in the state of Michigan, a mining permit to Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company (KEMC), several avenues of oppositional recourse are available: • Contested Case Proceedings • State and Local Permits—additional requirements and/or challenges […]

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Notes from the North Country

by Lon and Lynn Emerick The year is 1785, and it is early morning on the western coast of the Scottish Highlands. Mist is swirling off the sea in ghostly patterns, the ocean is gruffing the shoreline and a chilly north wind is keening around rocky headlands. Then, faintly at first, comes the skirl of […]

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Blood Mobile comes to U.P.

By Leslie Bek Every year, the Upper Peninsula Regional Blood Center at Marquette General Hospital is challenged with a goal of providing 12,000 pints of blood to thirteen U.P. hospitals. Patients awaiting surgery, accident victims and persons with chronic illnesses are counting on that goal being met. The challenge of connecting blood donors with the […]

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Campaign encourages U.P. to get fit

by George Sedlacek Have you seen this headline, “Obesity rates climb 100%”? While it may sound familiar, unless you were around in 1900, you wouldn’t have heard it. The obesity rate in the United States did indeed climb 100 percent, but not in the past few years. It went from an estimated two percent of […]

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Public Radio in 2008

by Evelyn Massaro From 1984 until July 2000, Marquette listeners enjoyed clear reception of WNMU-FM, Public Radio 90 programming on a translator frequency located at 102.3 FM. The translator acted as a booster antenna for the station’s primary radio signal and helped fill in poor reception areas within the city of Marquette. Unfortunately, only a station’s […]

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Festival celebrates winter, local history

by Kristy Basolo The Negaunee Irontown Association has announced the schedule for the 2008 Heikki Lunta Winterfest, set for January 18 through 20. This year’s festival will feature the annual fishing derby, Blooper Ball, pasty and cudighi sales, the Eagles breakfast, historic sleigh rides, bonfires, fireworks and more. On Friday, the Negaunee Eagles Club will […]

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Youth journalists cover asset conference in Rochester, New York

By 8-18 Media Nearly two thousand asset champions, including five hundred young people from across the nation, recently came together in Rochester (New York) for the eleventh annual Healthy Communities Healthy Youth Conference. The three-day conference, hosted by the Minneapolis-based Search Institute, focused on ways to transform relationships between youth and adults for the common […]

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City Notes – January 2008

by Kristy Basolo Highlights of what’s happening in and around town Mailbox Dear editor Recently, I read an article by Don Curto titled “Having lunch with my dad.” I want you to know how much I enjoyed it. My dad was a fireman on a steam locomotive when he was a young man with a […]

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A word to the wise – January 2008

Verbum satis sapientibus: A word to the wise is sufficient Repent! It’s a new year, an apt time to make straight our crooked verbal paths, to reform our linguistic habits. Permit me to offer a few resolutions for 2008, a few DOs and DON’Ts. In my opinion, be it humble or merely peevish, following are […]

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